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Your writing needs to represent you whenever you are not physically present. The words alone need to answer questions before they need asking, and to carry the sincerity and authenticity of your own voice.

It's easy to get one sentence to grab your readers' interest. But what follows also has to entice them, gain their trust, and explain why the text they're reading is of imperative importance. Here, I will help move things along.

Businesses and individuals need the right language,

whether the tone is set for engaging sales copy, or precise and sharp information, or even elegent, original and insightful prose.

Sometimes, simpy using syntax, with the use of clauses and tangents, interesting asides and an opportiunity to display a plethora of superfluous distractions, is needed to intentionally obfuscate any awkward definitions and sidestep the hidden implications of a sentence.

But sometimes, you simply need to use the right word to get things started.


I'm Charles Ormrod.

Contact me and we can get straight to discusssing your requirements.



Througout my job history, I have worked with innumerable business partners, colleagues, managers, friends and acquaintances to help them with their writing. I have composed advertisements, "About" pages and flyers for disparate industries; composed letters of importance and crafted correspondence to negotiate delicate situations. I have performed proof-reading, editing and general linguistic tidying-up, refreshing and refinement, all aided by a passion for language, quiet pedantry and a love of the satisfaction of literary perfection — all of which, I'm proud to say, have consistently brought in required results.



Blog or web copy — always original, entertaining and well-researched:

  • 300 words: £30

  • 800 words: £50

  • 1,200 words: £70

Extra revisions £5 per revision

(first 2 revisions included in fee)




Please contact me to work out how we can get the best out of your products or services.


Sometimes you just need existing text editing, refining or polishing: Approx. £20 per page, subject to word count.



£12 / hour plus travel 

My fees include:

  • Research of subject matter or competitors, with citations where relevant

  • SEO optimisation and keywords

  • A delivery time within one week

  • Two revisions minimum included in the price of each piece/page (three revisions for longer pieces)

  • Promotion of your brand, using your website and promotional material as examples to other individuals and businesses.

* Delivery time is one week from my confirmation of acceptance. I will only commit to deadlines I am able to meet. If I am fortuante enough to be inundated with commissions in any given week, I will offer a reasonable timescale for completion.


I write professionally and honestly about my work and my experience, and will do the same for all commissions of work I receive. I will only agree to produce pieces and articles on subjects I know or discover to be accurate and true.



Apps for Schools (link) is the only school-app development company (at the time of writing) that custom-builds school apps and brands each app with the school's logo and colours.

Are you getting the best out of our Apps for Schools?

My commision was to write four blog posts on how their apps simplify administrative tasks and facilitate easy communication.

"Even your school's app wears the uniform"

As anticipated, there was a measurable increase in interest after the first four blogs, so I discussed the company's USPs with a director and was asked to write four more articles on what makes Apps for Schools the best of their kind.


Artistic Echoes (link)

"An Anthem for Scotland"

The music magazine Artistic Echoes was running a piece about the composer Alan Tomkinson, who had written an Anthem for Scotland. The anthem had recieved the most astonishing praise, including from Scottish sportspeople and MSPs, as well as the public.

Alan is an extremely intersting fellow who I have also worked with musically. I am now helping to edit his book, which you can read at


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