It's Mr Different

22 Jun 2017

Some people like to think outside of the box, enjoying things that are objectively weird. For the show Mr. Different, to be performed at the Underground Clubhouse next month, Pieter Egriega is thinking instead from inside a bag.


In this astoundingly odd, and surprisingly poignant performance, Egriega incorporates a live backing band, and observant lyrics on such subjects as Saturday nights, politics, reckless driving, and BDSM, all to Latin-American, Flamenco and jazz-inspired music.


Following his award-winning Best Small Ensemble performance at the Buxton Fringe in 2016 with Steven Taylor on double bass, this year's performance is a show about a man between two worlds. He starts off from inside a bag, climbs out, and engages in conversation with himself, other people (some of whom are real, some of whom aren't), and occasionally with the fourth wall. But there is no cast. See whether you can work out what's going on (because Mr Different certainly can't).



Buxton Fringe performances with Steven Taylor on double bass and Charles Ormrod on piano, on 8th, 12th, 15th and 19th July, Underground at the Clubhouse. Tickets are £8 from


A CD of Mr Different will be recorded for 2018.



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