7 Jul 2016

I received an e-mail in May that said “John MacLeod here, pestering for your pianoings”. That’s an invitation to sprout the runner beans. I’ve known John for several years, having been acquainted with him and his music through various university friends (John knows almost every musician around Stoke, it seems). John’s latest band, Attack of the Vapours, has pinched some of the fine musicians from Dead Radio Society, and specializes in surrealist lyrics, flavoursome layers of tonality, and altogether rather gratifying, yet uncomfortably odd music. It possesses the same sort of qualities of weirdness as, say Late of the Pier, or They Might Be Giants.

The track Apology from a Distance is the main purpose for my being canoed into Tremolo Studios that evening. It supplies you with many imaginative analogies and flustered metaphors involving roadkill, and cutting off various peripherals to spite particular existential attributes of conciousness. I think you’ll have to listen to it to see what I mean.

Keep your ears peeled!



For details on album release things, go to:

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