12 Apr 2016

Charles had been invited to join Mr Delight and the Travelling Blues Orchestra after a jam session broke out at a Macclesfield bar.

"It was a quiet night and Steve and other Steve [Taylor, the double bassist] were playing… I was really getting into the music — Steve's voice is just brilliant for blues — so I just asked whether I could join them on the bar's baby grand. We had a great time!"

"The wonderful thing about blues is that anyone can add their own influences into it and usually get away with it."

The 'Orchestra', initially a tongue-in-cheek name for what used to be a trio, now has 6 members and looks to become even bigger. Their music comprises a variey of deep blues and soulful ballads, including Mr. Delight's own music, hits by The Blues Brothers, Ray Charles, Tom Waits, Bill Withers, and — of course — Elvis.

Steve was, well, delighted: "It's a pleasure to be working with Charles… he's a phenomenal musician"

"I wouldn't normally let people come on stage and play but when I found out Charles was a professional I thought it would be worth him coming up to join us — but I wasn't quite prepared for that!"

Steve and Charles have already played a few gigs together and Mr. Delight plans to record an album in the coming weeks.

Music to listen to:

"Stephen adores Bill Withers and Tom Waits. I like to add a Jools Holland-y or Ray Charles-y feel to it, whatever feels right. With blues, 'less is', as the paradox goes, 'often', at the risk of using a cliche, 'more'."

Find upcoming performances from Mr Delight and the Travelling Blues Orchestra here.

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