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New Show: Whose Hues?

Good lordy tricycles, the show that I've been talking about for ages, quietly, on Patreon, is finally coming together. This video explains how we began:

Macclesfield-based artist Becca Smith has synaesthesia - which is to say, she 'sees' music as colour. This artsy collaboration, we hope, will be a rather different collaboration of live painting and music performance...

We made this video one Saturday afternoon, creating a colour palette from a particular mix of hues and shades, shapes and forms which Becca heard in the tonalities of F Mixolydian and C Dorian on the piano.

The show will be on 11th December (more details here) and my past and current Patreon supporters will, as I have always promised, be offered a free pass to see the show. It's thanks to your support that I can now afford to put this on!

New Patreon supporters pledging £5/month or more will also receive a free invitation by e-mail! Subscribe HERE

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