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Concert: Little Grand Plans, 23rd May at 2 pm

This weekend, Saturday 23rd May, I will be performing a live-streamed concert from my living room to celebrate the fact I've actually managed to get on with some work recently. Unusually for me, this will be a 'straightforward' concert of original works, rather than building a show around an esoteric and abstract theme. This time I want the music to speak for itself.

I've been composing new pieces every week on my Patreon, as well as refining some of my older works, putting out eight pieces of music in total every month, in addition to the occasional video and blog post. Now that I have found a level of productivity that is stable and manageable, I intend to keep up this level of work for the rest of the year, releasing an EP, album or show every month until January 2021.

The concert will be the first in a series of sporadic live performances, live-streamed on Facebook. Naturally, it is free to watch, but if you would like to support my work, you can buy a 'ticket' for £3 from the shop.

I hope you enjoy the concert. If you can't make it live, you can always watch back another time, of course. Thank you for your support!


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