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New: Group Piano Sessions in Macclesfield

Talking about music is universally agreed to be a great use of time. We have conversations in cafes and bars until the cows come home about different performers' and composers' contributions to music, their lyrics, or choice of tone, or chord voicing, or technique.

Now I'm opening up the opportunity for pianists to get together and play each other their musical ideas and learn some new styles as a group.

Every Monday night you can join me and some piano players and keyboardists in a studio above Margin Music in Macclesfield where you can share your favourite music. Learn the idiosyncracies of great performers and the details that make any style sound authentic. Any genre, any artist. Even play us some of your original music!

We'll discuss the best techniques and styles, and I'll show you how to replicate the musical ideas we discuss: tips on how to improvise rock piano like Elton John, or create Bill Evans jazz voicings, or compose like Einaudi, and all the other elements that you end up borrowing and building into your own style. As long as you can already play a little bit of piano, that's all you need to know.

Join the conversation! Each session is £10 to attend, but your first session will be half-price at just £5. See more details and sign up here to guarantee your place! If you don't have a keyboard you can bring, I'll provide one.


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