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At Capacity

I am afraid to say that I have reached capacity: there is simply no more room, no more hours left in the week, for my private piano and music theory tuition.

I scooped a few extra hours from other areas of my work, moved almost all my lessons to my own studio to cut out my travelling my time, and even shortened my lunch breaks, but that's more or less I can do. Terribly sorry.

However, if you still want to learn, please do still send me a message!

My drop-out rate is currently averaging less than one per year (a statistic I am rather proud of), but if a space does become available, possibly in September, when the academic year begins and there are invariably one or two of my young pupils move schools and so forth, I shall let you know.

Alternatively, if you are based around the same area, I suggest you give Margin Music a ring. I believe they are also rather busy at the moment and teach term-time only, but I recommend their tuition highly.

Know any other good piano tutors who know their theory and can teach pop, rock, jazz and blues? Drop me a message and I will add them to my list of recommendations.



I've not actually officially announced this yet, but in the New Year I will be dedicating a limited number of hours to my piano performance masterclasses!

Since I was about 15 or 16, I have been asked repeatedly how I get "that sound". I think the adjective most often used is "big".

So. It's taken rather a long time, but I have analysed my own playing and the music of many other pianists; I have sought advice, had more lessons, and distilled it down to a series of specific techniques to find out what "that sound" is.

There are a couple of prerequisites for this course. You must already:

- Have a repertoire of at least 15 good pieces (or 45 minutes of continuous music) from 3 or more artists

- Have an interest in live performance or already be gigging

- Have a reasonable knowledge of chords and theory, and be able to play in several different keys.

You don't have to have done grades or exams. Your passion will be more than sufficient.

If this is you, send me a message as soon as possible (I will be giving generous discounts for early sign-ups). More details to follow in the coming weeks.

Not many piano teachers can teach you this kind of stuff.

I learnt most of this myself over a decade or so of practise, then another decade of even more practise and gigging with countless bands and musicians. You need to play and play and play until your own style comes to define itself, but if you're passionate about your music I reckon this course will be worth at least a couple of years' work by itself!


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