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Music Releases

Given to Chance (EP)

Older Eyes

Sanguine Sky

Given to Chance

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Beyonder (EP)

See Them Fly


The Storm

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Beyonder Cover (Front).jpg

Little Grand Plans: Monday Jazz Sketches Pt.1 (ALBUM)


Bit Wet in Feb

Mustard and Mash

Just the One of Me

Light Frown

Slow Time

Aseasonal (and others)

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The Things You Wish Existed (EP)

Condensed from Thought

The Things You Wish Existed


The Life That They All Talk About (EP)

Just a Day

Yours, If You Want It

The Life That They All Talk About

I'd Do It All Again (EP)

Selected songs by artists and composers I've worked with (more info to come!)

Monday Jazz Sketches Pt. 2 (ALBUM)

Compositions for my Patrons

Scratching a Living: Songs by Alan Tomkinson (EP)

Songs written by a good friend of mine whose songs were once commissioned by Brian Epstein.

Can We Try That Again? (ALBUM)

Compilation album