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A party isn't a party without music.

Anybody can put a playlist on, but why not get a live band just as easily?

Any occasion, any excuse: we've made live music affordable and compact enough for your

house, flat, shed or cave!



30 minutes:  £60

1 hour:  £90

1 ½ hours: £120

2 hours:  £150


30 minutes:  £110

1 hour:  £145

1 ½ hours:  £170

2 hours:  £200


1 hour:  £190

1 ½ hours:  £220

2 hours:  £250


1 hour:  £245

1 ½ hours:  £270

2 hours:  £300

If you would like an extended performance,

please contact us for a quote.

(Please note: musicians and bands may require travel expenses based on distance from their base location. These will be discussed with you upon booking. Bank holidays and public holidays will incur extra charges. That's it, now; no 'hidden' costs.)


Tell us the details and

the music you want!

(Use this to register your

band with us, too!)



We'll send you some suggestions!


Do I have the space?

Almost certainly! Obviously, it depends on the size of your lounge/garden/tent and the number of guests. But our bands can fit in surprisingly small spaces. If you're not sure, we'll give you specific dimensions before you book.

Do the musicians get paid fairly?

Yes, agencies usually charge hundreds for the same thing, but the musicians usually receive about half that amount between them. With us, you're just paying for the music - your booking fee covers our costs.

Can I book a band for my wedding or company do?

Yes! Live in Your Lounge is specifically set up to make live music suitable for everyday occasions, and some compromises have been made to keep it afforable and compact, so send us a message and we'll offer some suggestions and prices.

For weddings, click here

What do the fees cover?

As well as the music, costs include half an hour either side for setting up and packing away. Any extra time the musician(s) will be required to be at the venue outside of this window will be charged accordingly.

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