Group Piano Sessions

New group sessions to give you a new perspective on the versatility of the piano

Prices and bookings

£10 per individual session

Your first lesson only £5

Location: 2A King Edward Street, Macclesfield SK10 1AA

Explore a vast range of performance styles through the decades

Learn the techniques of how great pianists really play

Discuss and share ideas, music tastes and experiences alongside other piano players


Group sessions cover intermediate and advanced topics such as:

  • arranging songs for the piano

  • playing in different styles

  • how to make your playing stand out

  • exploring performance techniques of great pianists

  • composing for the piano, and using the piano as a compositional tool

If you don't have a keyboard you can bring I'll provide one.

Do you already need experience?

If you already have some understanding of playing the piano, that's all you need: everything else will be explained along the way.

My group sessions are to share and discover different musical ideas, styles and techniques.


If you do want to explore a style or song in more detail, or feel you want to refine your playing, you can always book a one-to-one lesson between group sessions.

You can join at any time!

The sessions are designed for anybody to join at any time. Each week will be a new topic, and there won't be very much you need to catch up on when you join.


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Looking for one-to-one

tuition instead?

Book your place:

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Looking for one-to-one

tuition instead?