Given to Chance

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Given to Chance was inspired by somebody’s blog post; I no longer have any idea whose, I’m afraid. I hurriedly summarised the post into one sentence in my notebook*:

“If you’d travelled back in time, you’d fear for changing something… but you don’t think to create the future now”.

This innocuous observation transformed my life. Each action you take (depending on your personal position on the sliding scale of determinism) has the possibility to redirect (or possibly merely reroute) your life. Each decision carries a roughly guestimable risk.

Ergo, you are statistically better off if you accept that risk is a natural part of life, then raise your ambitions and adjust your tolerance for ambiguity to account for the greater amount of risk you are willing to accept**.

* with flagrant disregard for both grammar and iambs
** Hence the E (dim) and a non-resolution into C minor


Music is also something to be savoured and enjoyed in the company of other people. Although not just at the moment, obviously.


1. Older Eyes

2. Sanguine Sky

3. Given to Chance

Given to Chance (Excerpt)Charles Ormrod
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