Tuition and

Performance Coaching

Much more than piano tuition...

My lessons offer a unique approach to piano tuition about how you want to play: a method that builds in theory, performance technique, and finding your own style. I also offer an introduction to live sound and studio recording as part of the tuition.

You can't get this sort of coaching from many piano teachers! I can give you the performance techniques to make your piano playing sound truly exceptional, based on the music you want to learn.

My lessons and courses are conducted from my studio in the centre of Macclesfield.

"Super inspiring... a curriculum for helping to get me unstuck, inspired, and armed with new tools to implement as well as new paths to follow with arranging, which was a pleasant surprise!"  ERIN

My Approach to Music


When I was about twelve, my piano teacher told me that I already had my own style of playing: I knew how to make the music my own. Since then, I've wanted to help others to find their own voice through the piano. I can tell you about the science and philosophy of music, and how to find your own unique style and sound.

I have always had a passion for music. As a child I loved to discover different styles of playing the piano – Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rock, Baroque, Classical, Romantic – and work out the chords, melodies and and rhythms on the piano. And I still do: every time I hear something novel or interesting, I think about how I would play it and incorporate it into my style, and how I would teach my pupils how to use it.

"Charles is extremely intelligent, supportive in whatever area of playing or musical composition his pupil wants to explore"  BRUCE

My lessons will teach you how to get your own sound out of the piano, and to refine your abilities. Whether you already play well or have no understanding of music isn't a problem. I want to help anybody who really wants to learn.

We will start from where you are comfortable and progress from there. I cover all the basics, tailored to whether you want to lean towards pop, jazz, rock, blues or classical, and include theory, technique, improvisation and composition as we go along.

"Charles is a great teacher and adapts the lessons to suit you.
I can now not only play a few tunes but I

am also writing my own material" 


I have even taught people who have physical disabilities - people who love music but thought they would never be able to actually play an instrument. They formed their own styles and composed their own music.

Standard Tuition Fees:

One-to-One Lessons

30 minute lesson (single): £25.00

45 minute lesson (single): £37.50

1 hour lesson: £50.00

Please contact for availability and time slots

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Advanced Piano Performance Course

For songwriters and performers

In this course, we look at YOUR music and work out how to achieve your best possible sound.

Designed with aspiring musicians in mind, but also great for musicians who want to refine their stage sound and performance technique.

2 x 90-minute sessions: £150

  • Piano tutorial videos based on your requests and interests

  • Recordings and videos of my own compositions and performances

  • £10 subscription deducted from your lesson fees each month


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My tuition includes:

Consultation: what you want from learning the piano and setting goals for the future

Techniques to build up motor skills and co-ordination; active listening; polyrhythms and weird time signatures

Playing creatively and imaginatively; improvisation, interpretation

Getting a fuller, richer, more dynamic sound from your playing


Advice on playing confidently

A tailored development programme including music to listen to and on-line material


Different styles of music to broaden your repertoire and enhance your sound

An introduction to setting up live sound and recording

Advice on how to begin your career as a musician, including help getting your first gigs and tips on starting professionally

Other services:

  • Workshops - how to get a better sound from your band, for professional groups, schools etc.

Please note, all lessons and sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.

To enquire about availability, tuition fees, or anything else, please use the contact form below.

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