Bafflingly true

Alan Tomkinson has had a rather eventful life. As well as being a musician and songwriter who wrote and performed with some global music stars, he's built up the country's largest boarding cattery from scratch, done a spot of motor racing, befriended a lion, built up a lorry-building company, and about twenty years ago, when he was seventy, he retired. And then built his own house. A few years ago, Alan popped into AMP Guitars on Chestergate. He was looking for somebody to do some piano arrangements of some of the songs he'd written over the decades. Chris, the guitar whisperer who owns the shop, pointed him towards me. Three years later, and Alan and I have since become good friends, sharin

A ravenous flock of ideas ate all my green shoots

As a musician, it's often best to have several strings in your hat and a flock of feathers in your bow to make a successful career. But, actually, whether you are a freelancer or tethered to a timetable not of your own making, any ability you have that could be of value to other people could be worth investing in. I have always seen this as a good thing. When you're in the midst of several projects, it's often easier to compartmentalise them in your mind than you might imagine. In practise, this is especially true if most of the projects aren't 'yours', as such. One of the most important uses of my time has always been keeping a journal, which serves to contain everything I've learnt in each

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