Charles had been invited to join Mr Delight and the Travelling Blues Orchestra after a jam session broke out at a Macclesfield bar. ​ "It was a quiet night and Steve and other Steve [Taylor, the double bassist] were playing… I was really getting into the music — Steve's voice is just brilliant for blues — so I just asked whether I could join them on the bar's baby grand. We had a great time!" ​ "The wonderful thing about blues is that anyone can add their own influences into it and usually get away with it." ​ The 'Orchestra', initially a tongue-in-cheek name for what used to be a trio, now has 6 members and looks to become even bigger. Their music comprises a variey of deep blues and soulfu

Welcome Mat

WELCOME to my new website! Do come in! Yes, please wipe your feet, it's a new carpet. Thank you. Sorry if you had trouble finding us, the address is quite complicated; we are sorting that out. You're welcome to have a look around. You should be able to find everything that was on the old website, as well as a few extra things, including my gigs, events, tunes, bands, waffling, and, naturally, bookability for begiggment and lessonitude of the piano variety. In due course, you will also be able to subscribe to a newsletter. Now, I know that these things drop straight into the spam folder, but I will be collaborating with several other musicians, artists and promoters of all kinds to give you s

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