7 Jan 2020

New Years’ resolutions are a bit silly. To begin with, the first of January is a stupid and arbitrary date to start making new commitments. It is emphatically not a rational decision to pick a date immediately after a national holiday when your enthusiasm has already drained away because the inspiration actually came three months ago. Your energy has been siphoned off over Christmas anyway, and your money has probably all been spent.

If you want to start something, any time of the year is not onl...

10 Dec 2019

Alan Tomkinson has had a rather eventful life. As well as being a musician and songwriter who wrote and performed with some global music stars, he's built up the country's largest boarding cattery from scratch, done a spot of motor racing, befriended a lion, built up a lorry-building company, and about twenty years ago, when he was seventy, he retired. And then built his own house.

A few years ago, Alan popped into AMP Guitars on Chestergate. He was looking for somebody to do some piano arrangeme...

5 Dec 2019

As a musician, it's often best to have several strings in your hat and a flock of feathers in your bow to make a successful career. But, actually, whether you are a freelancer or tethered to a timetable not of your own making, any ability you have that could be of value to other people could be worth investing in.

I have always seen this as a good thing. When you're in the midst of several projects, it's often easier to compartmentalise them in your mind than you might imagine. In pract...

5 Sep 2019

Talking about music is universally agreed to be a great use of time. We have conversations in cafes and bars until the cows come home about different performers' and composers' contributions to music, their lyrics, or choice of tone, or chord voicing, or technique.

Now I'm opening up the opportunity for pianists to get together and play each other their musical ideas and learn some new styles as a group.

Every Monday night you can join me and some piano players and keyboar...

1 Jun 2019

Pieter Egriega, it is generally agreed, has one of the most incredible imaginations in the northern hemisphere. I have already had the pleasure of being involved with two of his shows, and we are currently in preparation for a third (this will mark his fourth consecutive year of Buxton Fringe performances in total). One of Pieter's greatest gifts is undoubtedly a limitless ability to surprise you with original ideas, and indeed reviews of his shows mention that each year brings something complet...

18 May 2019

At the start of the summer in 2018 I decided to write a show. I get all excited even writing that sentence, thinking back to when the various nebulae of ideas first started to coalesce into individual clumps, which began to build themselves up using their own gravity, and the clumps of ideas revolved around each other neatly in their own little system.

Like any universe, it was always going to be difficult to make because I had no idea whether it's something sentient beings would want to c...

3 Sep 2018

I've heard some very good musicians complain that an audience can't tell an average performer from a really great player. I disagree: audiences do recognise a really good performance.

You can tell because they shut up completely... and just listen.

Live music performance is an art in its own right, and getting your audience to hang on to every note is a rather different skill to being able to play something technically brilliantly.

Performers need to make their music sound...

15 Jul 2018

Pieter Egriega was the 2016 winner of the Buxton Fringe award for the small group and ensembles. He was nominated last year for his unique piece entitled Mr Different, in which he emerges from a large laundry bag and conducts conversations with invisible passers by.

This year, he will be Frank Sinistra, a saloon singer and former News of the World Journalist, who conducts a PR business whilst serenading patrons in a show called Sex & Drugs & P.R. at the Hydro Cafe Bar. July 7th, 20th and 21st....

8 Jun 2018

I am afraid to say that I have reached capacity: there is simply no more room, no more hours left in the week, for my private piano and music theory tuition.

I scooped a few extra hours from other areas of my work, moved almost all my lessons to my own studio to cut out my travelling my time, and even shortened my lunch breaks, but that's more or less I can do. Terribly sorry.

However, if you still want to learn, please do still send me a message! 

My drop-out rate is currently...

5 Apr 2018

I am a big fan of TED talks. Learning new things about the world and its wonky workings makes me extremely pleased. What has made me even pleaseder is that my home town of Macclesfield is having its own independently organised talks on 28th April. This promises to be something very special.

Unfortunately, reading this may not be of much use to you for two reasons: one is that you have probably already have heard about it by now, and the other is that the tickets sold out a few hours after they we...

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New Years’ resolutions are a bit silly. To begin with, the first of January is a stupid and arbitrary date to start making new commitments. It is emph...

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7 Jan 2020

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