I love what I do
Collaborating to make terrific music was always what I wanted to do with my life. My job is to bring out the best in my clients' music, as a performer and as a piano coach.
The Process
We always start with finding the actual sound my client wants to achieve. I direct my experience, influences and knowledge to towards creating that exact sound.
Whether teaching, writing or performing, creating music is about the artist or pupil communicating what feels most like "them". Recognising themselves in their music is probably the best thing about my job.
Each project is uniquely interesting
Every project I work on is a different type of music. Soul. Latin. Jazz. Rock. Americana. This in itself makes my work interesting and challenging. Everything I learn working with one person or group will go into a future project one day. Every day involves learning along the way.
How I started
When I was young, I would try to work out how to faithfully reproduce the music I was listening to. I loved frustratedly working out what it was that gave a song that particular sound.
Now, having deconstructed my own learning techniques (I went the long way around), I teach others how to use theory to speed up their own learning process.
Charles Omrod on Late Night Live, That's Manchester